The History of Milkhouse Candles

Every new product or business has a story – how it got started, the people behind it and the hard work and countless hours it took to make it a success. The story behind Milkhouse Candles is no different. We want to share some of the history in order to give you a full appreciation for these candles.

Eric and Janet Sparrow from Osage, Iowa, began making candles as a hobby in 2002. They made their first candles in standard canning jars bought at local auctions and then shared the creations with family, friends and co-workers. Soon requests for more began to pour in. They eventually left their full-time jobs to focus on their candle business. Inspired by the need to make a cleaner, healthier candle experience, the couple spent years researching, experimenting and creating to establish the Milkhouse Candle Company.

You can learn more about their journey from the video below.

So what makes these candles so unique? Besides the fact that they are made in America by a family-owned business, Milkhouse Candles are a natural choice in many ways. The natural and renewable waxes used to make the candles contain none of the carcinogens that are often found in paraffin candles. In fact, the soy wax for the candles comes from soybeans locally grown in Iowa. The candles contain no artificial colors, and there is no lead in the wicks. In addition, the glassware used to house the wax is 40 percent recycled and 100 percent recyclable! So, even when the wax is gone, the candle jars can still be used for other purposes!

A variety of scents are available in Milkhouse Candles, each meant to invoke memories of places or events, both real and imagined. Currently, the company has 11 different fragrance categories, each with numerous unique scents. The categories include: spring/summer, fall, winter, holiday, beverage, culinary, woodsy, spa, floral, botanical and masculine.

The bestselling line of Milkhouse Candles is the Creamery Collection, which includes various sizes of nostalgic containers. Sizes include a 5 ounce cream jar, 8 ounce milk bottle, and 16 and 22 ounce butter jar to house the wax. All of the Milkhouse Candles fragrances are available in the Creamery Collection.

Thanks to their natural beeswax and soy blend and lack of artificial ingredients, Milkhouse Candles are thought to be the cleanest burning candles available on the market.

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