Swan Creek Candles

Swan Creek CandlesThe Swan Creek Candle Company delivers a wide range of candle and candle-related products. Their focus on clean-burning candles—no soot—comes as a result of using a blend of higher oil content than is the norm in combination with American Soybean WaxTM (all-natural, renewable). The end result is a superior candle held to high to purity, cleanliness and burn standards. A new wrinkle regarding all of the wax heating products carried by Swan Creek is an increase in overall oil content (the maximum that the wax will allow) for soot free burning.

The Characteristics of Your Swan Creek Candle and all wax-based products are:

  • Clean Burning – No Soot!
  • Completely Natural
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Sustainable and Renewable Resource-made
  • Supports the American Farming Community
  • Independently Lab Tested for Purity and Safety
  • Member of the National Candle Association
  • 100 % Cotton Wicks, Always Lead-Free
  • American Made

When burning your Swan Creek candle, be sure to place them out of the way of drafts. Drafts will cause smoke to be emitted. Low temperature flames are incapable of completely combusting the wax fuel. Your wick need remain still, centered, and draft free.

Swan Creek Candle is an Ohio corporation that has been selling wholesale to the gift industry since 1978. It is owned and operated by members of the founding family and is located in Northwest Ohio.

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