Holiday Milkhouse Candle Fragrances

Ready or not, the holiday season is quickly approaching. This time of year can bring many different feelings for people, from stress over all the holiday planning to joy and thankfulness when family gets together. Whatever your emotion, we have a candle fragrance to enhance the happiness or remind you to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Here are some popular Milkhouse Candles that will bring holiday scents to your home.


Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all we have – home, family, friends, health, etc. This candle fragrance is a perfect blend of fresh, vibrant notes of grapefruit, bergamot and fresh soft florals. Amid all the busyness, find time to sit back and enjoy the emotions this heavenly scent is sure to evoke. This is also a perfect gift to show someone special how you feel.

Welcome Home Milkhouse Candle

Welcome Home

The holidays are a time for welcoming loved ones to your home. This candle fragrance brings the warmth of a family gathering to mind with its sweet, spicy, fruity and delicious scent. Think of warm hearth fires and fresh baked goodies from the oven as you burn this Milkhouse candle.

Cinnamon Stick

Just the smell of cinnamon can make you think of holiday baking. Cinnamon is a sweet complement to so many desserts and recipes – including pies, cookies, breads and more. You may also think of a cinnamon stick with a warm cup of apple cider. No matter where your mind goes when you smell cinnamon, this candle will bring those thoughts back. The strong cinnamon fragrance also has a woodsy undertone.

Scotch Pine

This fabulous pine fragrance will fill your home with the smell of a dense pine forest after a fresh rain. Enjoy the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree all season long.


This fragrance will bring the rustic warm fragrance of smoldering firewood. If you don’t have a wood burning fireplace, you can still enjoy the smell of one while sitting around with family and friends.

Victorian Christmas

This one even has Christmas in its name! The fragrance brings fresh cut boughs from the deep woods mingled with rich spice. It’s a nostalgic, sophisticated fragrance that’s perfect for the holidays.

Try one or more of these holiday fragrances to help you enjoy the season. Browse our Milkhouse Candles selection to purchase any of these scents or to find others you may enjoy in your home.

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