Candle Burning Tips

Milkhouse Candle Chocolate Truffle
  1. For each inch of diameter, burn candle for one hour. Three hours will be your burn time for a candle that—you guessed it—has a three inch diameter. Having your candle lit in this fashion provides ample time for the heat of the flame to reach the perimeter, creating an even melt of wax. Many an unfortunate candle has spent its short life being lit for too many hours in relation to its proportionately narrow diameter, creating a high-walled, hollow-centered candle. The only option you have to save a candle in this plight would be to scrape the wax and reform it.
  2. Prior to lighting, trim wick to roughly 1/4 inch. A long wick yields a large flame. The larger flame will have you running the risk of setting something nearby ablaze as well as creating more soot. Should your flame exceed 1½ inches or if smoke begins to billow, put out the candle. Give your candle proper time for wax and wick to cool, run a finger along the top of the wick to trim it down. Prior to reignition, remove all wick trimmings from the candle.
  3. Avoid using a plate to burn votives and tea lights—use a holder. These types of candles burn too swiftly to remain contained on a plate. Seek out a solid-sided holder with walls that exceed the height of the candle itself.
  4. Remove draft options from candle burn area. To more than point out the obvious, do not place your lit candle in the path of anything allowing or creating wind. Stated breeze will affect the flame and likely the melt path of the candle.
  5. A burning or hot candle is not safe to move or handle. An unsafe practice, the removal of wax in a liquid state will douse the flame and/or bury the wick within the candle.

These easy techniques will allow you more time with your candle. Always be safe and enjoy!